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Cisco Webex – Building and Maintaining Trust with Collaboration Administrators

Collaboration Administrators have an unenviable job. Not only do they have to cater to demanding end users who want the best experience, they also have to deal with other functions in a typical IT organization – such as – legal, security and compliance. Often, requirements from those functions are at odds with providing the best user experience. Making these trade-offs is very hard. Our goal is to make sure collaboration administrators do not have to make those trade-offs.

What makes Collaboration SaaS trustworthy

For a Collaboration SaaS platform to garner trust – it needs to be reliable, high performing, secure and compliant with laws and regulations. Further, the platform must provide simple and efficient administration, rich business insight and powerful troubleshooting tools. Administrators need to consider what the tools are being used for and how they can use it securely and within boundaries.

Why Admins Trust Webex

Reliability and Performance

At the core of trust is reliability and performance. Collaboration services are the lifeline of organizations. When these services are not available – work stops! And even when these services are available, if the quality of audio and video experience is poor, it hurts user productivity. At Webex – we understand that. Providing a highly reliable service with high quality is and will continue to be the highest priority. We make sure to make reliability and performance a focus and its no wonder why Webex products are the best choice for online collaboration. Stay tuned for more details in the upcoming blog series.

Security and Compliance

Collaboration services are used for sensitive communications – whether via Messaging or Meetings or Calling. Webex has industry-leading security features to provide IT admins peace of mind in protecting Enterprise data and best end-user experience to drive adoption and productivity.

Keeping customer data safe and confidential even while it’s in our cloud in a top priority. In order to deliver on this promise to customers, Webex Teams is the only cloud service that offers end to end encryption (using a customer-owned) key with the option for enterprises to manage their own keys on their own premises. Teams end to end encryption is not just encryption in transit or at rest but keeps data encrypted even in-use e.g. when users search for content. Every message that is sent is encrypted on the client so that any intermediary or even Webex cloud engineers cannot see clear customer content. This is delivered without compromising end user experience while also giving legal and compliance teams eDiscovery and Legal Hold capabilities.

Security You Can Trust

Cisco Webex, Cisco Study Materials, Cisco Guides, Cisco Study Materials, Cisco Learning
Cisco Webex – Building and Maintaining Trust with Collaboration Administrators
Webex Meetings also has industry leading security features as detailed here. What is important to note —Webex Meetings encrypts media by default —unlike some of our competitors. With other features such as SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On support, broad support for all Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), Role Based Access Control, Admin audit logs to mention a few —Cisco Webex has the most well-rounded compliance features.

Compliance Certifications

Cisco Webex has wide ranging compliance certifications from SOC-1, SOC-2 Type 2, SOC-3, ISO 27001/27017, ISO 9001 and Cloud Computing Compliance Control Catalog (C5). Webex also complies with GDPR and various cross border privacy standards such as EU-US, Swiss-US and APEC. For Healthcare – Webex will participate in HIPAA compliance through a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

Analytics and Diagnostics

One of the key functions of administrators is to ensure that they are getting their money’s worth with wide adoption and engagement across their user base. To do that, measuring service adoption and resource utilization with historical trending as well as ability to drill in to specific areas is necessary. Webex Analytics allow administrator to do exactly that. With rich trending, drill-in, drill-out, drill-down and filtering capabilities, administrators can zero in on specific issues that are potentially hindering adoption of Teams, Meetings or proper usage of Webex Devices.

Cisco Webex, Cisco Study Materials, Cisco Guides, Cisco Study Materials, Cisco Learning

When users experience quality or performance issues – administrators need a quick way to diagnose problems so they can easily address issues within their control. Providing near-real time meeting diagnostics with insight into environmental factors and rich quality of service metrics over time is key for administrators to self-diagnose problems. In the past few months, Webex has provided several key features – such as per meeting per participant quality metrics. Webex is doubling down on enhancing these capabilities by adding additional metrics in the next few months.

Ease of Administration

Today’s administrators demand consumer grade ease of use and mature APIs. Webex Control Hub is the single place for administrators to go to for administering their products. If you have been using Webex Site Admin – you can link your site to Control Hub to start using it. Another great benefit of site linking is to use Webex Common Identity platform – which is the single place to manage all identities.

Webex also provides a fantastic developer ecosystem with APIs for administrators to integrate Webex to their tools. For example, the Events APIs can be used by Compliance teams to not only integrate with their choice of CASBs but also to provide additional insights to ensure full compliance with laws and regulations.

Trusted Collaboration Service

Building and maintaining trust with administrators without compromising end user experience is a key focus area for Cisco Webex. If you are a collaboration administrator for any enterprise – large or small – our goal is to provide you with a service you can trust.

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