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Cisco CCENT Certification: Jump start your career in the IT Networking Field

ICND1 and ICND2 are the most popular Cisco certifications that will qualify you to start your career as a network engineer. Some applicants prefer taking the composite exam, but some others prefer to take both the exams separately. ICND1 is the entry-level exam, and it qualifies you to manage different devices in an organization. At the same time, ICND2 is the Associate level exam that gives a notable boost to your skills.

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And it allows you to understand the connection between various devices. Here, we are going to talk about the CCENT ICND1 certification exam. You’d be able to receive CCENT certification after passing this exam. The competition in the networking industry has grown nowadays so, and you may not be able to get a job without this certification.

However, CCENT certification is still important if you are willing to develop excellent basic skills. If you thought to take the composite exam for CCNA, you’d find it challenging to complete the entire syllabus that is available for this exam. Therefore, it is advisable that you should take these exams independently. Thus, you’d be able to pass the exam, and you’d also score higher marks in the exam.
If you wish to become an expert in the networking industry, then CCENT certification is a must for you as it helps you strengthen your skills gradually and open a broad array of opportunities for career promotion.

How to become CCENT certified?

The applicants that take CCENT exam usually have an intention of becoming CCNP Routing & Switching certified, although you can prefer any field you want to progress in, for instance in security, design, Data Center, Cyber Ops, Wireless, etc. So, if you also have the chosen Routing and Switching specialization, then CCENT certification is the first step you are going to take. Then you’d have to pass the CCNA certification exam. And the final step you are going to take is to pass the CCNP Routing & Switching certification exam, which is a combination of three different exams. Once you have successfully followed through all these steps, you’d be acknowledged as CCNP Routing & Switching certified.

CCENT Exam Details

The Cisco 100-105 exam is just like any other exam: there is a fixed exam structure that is occasionally updated, but it prevails the same for the most part. Currently, the CCENT exam consists of 45-55 questions, and all of them must be answered in 90 minutes. Take your time with each question, but keep in mind the time limit. With so many difficult questions to answer, time management is essential.

The CCENT exam questions come from different syllabus topics, but five main ones make up most of the Cisco 100-105 exam. They are as follows:
  • LAN Switching Fundamentals (26%)
  • Routing Fundamentals (25%)
  • Network Fundamentals (20%)
  • Infrastructure Services (15%)
  • Infrastructure Maintenance (14%)

Tips for Passing the Cisco CCENT Certification Exam

The Cisco 100-105 exam is just like any other exams, and you will have to prepare yourself properly to pass it with a flying score. First of all, you require to understand that you have to start your preparation promptly. You should begin a few months before the exam is scheduled so that you have sufficient time to study. Remember that if you get your hands on this certification, then it can do wonders for you, so work hard and try to pass the exam it on the first attempt.

Making Schedule is an important part of thinking about when it comes to preparation for Cisco exams because there are quite a few topics that you need to study, and you have to give each topic the proper time that it demands. If you have created a study plan, then make sure that you follow it strictly. Otherwise, it will be meaningless.

The Cisco 100-105 exam is not exactly new, so it will be easy for you to obtain many study resources on the Internet. There are many online forums where people from all around the world come together to talk about this test. Participate in these communities and interact with other applicants there. All these people can turn out to be a precious asset because they can give you links for other sources that you can take to prepare for the exam. Some of them might also share their experience of how they studied for the Cisco 100-105 certification exam.
While you are at it, you should also study from the official study guide. It will inform you about the main topics that you need to concentrate on, and what the exam will be all about. Use this study resource to your benefit and stay close to it because the information included in it can help you pass the exam on the first try.

The practice is always an advantage, and you should never ignore that. If you wish to practice for the 100-105 exam, then the Internet is your best friend. Here you can find many platforms that offer Cisco CCENTpractice tests, which consist of the questions that have been written by seasoned and experienced professionals. Take as many of these practice tests as you can because this is the closest you can get to the actual exam environment. Some of these practice tests might also display you your result at the end, and this way, you can assess your skills before the actual CCENT exam. You can then identify the topics that demand more learning and start focusing on them.

CCENT Recertification

Having taken the CCENT is like always beneficial. CCENT Certification has a validity period of 3 years. This indicates that you have a duration of 3 years to recertify by passing any of the following listed exams. Take a look in here.
  • ICND1 exam;
  • CCDE written exam;
  • Current CCIW written exam;
  • CCAr (Cisco certified architect)
  • Current associate level;
  • Current 642-XXX professional level;
  • Current CCDE practical exam;

Why is the CCENT certification so Popular?

CCENT certification is the first step in your journey of becoming a network engineer. And the significance of becoming a network engineer is apparent to all. So, that is the significant reason due to which CCENT certification has become popular. Another primary reason is that it supports you to become strong right from the start. And the things you are going to receive while studying for the CCENT exam here will help you throughout your career in the networking industry. Therefore, many applicants prefer taking this certification before proceeding to the next step.

Reasons to become CCENT certified

If you are willing to enhance your skills to the expert level in the networking field, then CCENT certification is vital for you. The topics you are going to learn in the CCENT exam preparation will never fade from your memory and they will help you out at every step of the Cisco career path. CCENT plays a leading role in clearing your concepts about the things that are required already to understand in CCNA. So, you must take advantage of this certification to sharpen your necessary skills in the Networking industry.
  • The CCENT confirms your networking knowledge tangible. Getting a Cisco certification proves that you perceive something about networking; networks make computing happen and connect every person in the world. Why not start with a certification that applies broadly to just about any IT job or task?
  • Earning the CCENT requires passing only one exam. Obtaining a certification by passing just one test will raise your confidence and prepare you for the longer Cisco certification paths such as the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification.
  • Certification helps demonstrate your expertise to your boss. Having CCENT certification reminds your management and colleagues of your skill every time they approach you.
  • The CCENT is a stepping stone for the higher level CCNA certification. Passing the single CCNA exam can be very challenging — it's much easier to pass two smaller exams that you can more easily study for. By passing the CCENT certification exam, you're halfway on the path to obtaining your CCNA. With CCENT certification, you can jump-start your career in the IT networking field.
The CCENT certificate works more like a stepping stone towards other Cisco certificate programs. Upon passing the single networking, exam assures you that you are ready for the rest of the certificate modules. This also forms a pathway to the more in-demand certification that is the CCNA certification.

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