Monday, 1 July 2019

Engage Your Teams With New Ways of Using Your Cisco Webex Devices

If you’re like most Cisco customers, your meeting rooms and open workspaces don’t do only one job – they’re multi-purpose. And when you aren’t collaborating, your video conferencing systems in these spaces should be too.

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Well, I have good news and I have great news for you. Let’s start with the good news.

The Good News

Digital signage is a new feature available on Webex Board and Room Series devices which allows you to display custom content, like signage apps and dashboards, when they aren’t being used for meetings, video calls, or presentations.

The great news? This feature creates a better workplace experience. In turn, its benefits will make you a company rock star and give your teams something to get excited about.

How Does Digital Signage Work?

Digital signage leverages the web engine we’ve built into RoomOS, the software that runs on cloud-connected Cisco Webex video devices. Digital signage enables your device to show any web page when your device is not in use – without needing any extra servers or HDMI cables. All you need to do is configure a URL.

As you walk through your office today, notice the displays in your conference rooms. Now imagine those screens being used to show custom signage when they aren’t in use. You’ve just doubled your return on investment.

Increase Your ROI

Here are some suggestions for using this feature to get an even bigger increase your return on investment even more.

Build a Stronger Brand

Corporate communications and marketing need creative, always-on ways to reach internal and external audiences. Use your video conferencing device to display branding, mission and value statements, and even to make announcements and share upcoming events.

This provides streamlined communications and consistent brand experiences throughout your office locations. I personally love this use for digital signage. Really, I love them all!

Improve the Workplace Experience

Many managers use dashboards to track and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs). Digital signage makes it easier to share KPI dashboards and other metrics with your team in real time, increasing both motivation and transparency.

Agile teams can use their video conferencing systems to display a sprint tracking dashboard for everyone to see. This saves employees and managers time when looking for project status updates and keeps teams on the same page.

Digital signage feels like a natural extension of Cisco video endpoints. When Ignite started using our Webex Board and Room Series devices for digital signage, we had a list of applications we were excited to show throughout our office. Like using our Webex board to display open service tickets.

Updating the digital signage for individual endpoints is simple, logical and quick to take effect – making it a breeze to deploy. With the possibility of real-time updates and interactive options, the office just got significantly more dynamic overnight.
– Sonia Siezien, Adoption educator at IgniteCSG

Increase Employee Engagement

Higher employee engagement means happier, better-performing employees. Digital signage can help managers and teams to empower one another. In addition to KPIs, recognize individual and team accomplishments by displaying them in common areas to boost morale. Also, use your video device to share internal social streams and help build stronger connections and personal relationships between employees.

The use cases and possibilities for digital signage are endless. I’d love to hear in the comments section how you plan to improve communications, the workplace experience, and employee engagement.

Now What?

First, reach out to your teams to let them know about this exciting new capability of their Cisco Webex video devices. Or save yourself some time by sharing this blog! Next, enable digital signage on your cloud-connected Webex Board and Room Series devices, to share the content you want. Your team will thank you for it!

Digital signage gives you an even greater return from your video conferencing device. You can now add improved internal communications, corporate branding as well as employee engagement and motivation to its long list of benefits. Some more good news: This feature is cloud-first, not cloud only. You can expect on-premises deployment coming soon.

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