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Thriving Ahead with the Advanced Cloud with CCNA Cloud

The evolution of the internet and internet-enabled services has changed everything around us. Cloud Computing is functioning as a catalyst to further fuel this development of the internet. Organizations are looking to hire Cloud Engineers who are experts in the advanced cloud technologies and informed about the Cloud best practices. Even a top technology company like Google is inviting Cloud Developers in unique ways.
In the light of this increased demand for Cloud experts, it is therefore vital for Software Engineers to consider a Cloud Certification to improve their possibilities of landing better career opportunities.
Cisco CCNA Cloud Certification is a globally accepted certification that can boost your career in this emerging area. This Cisco certification proves an applicant's skills on industry-leading cloud solutions, the best practices, and a job-role focused syllabus is followed in this Cisco CCNA Cloud certification.

CCNA Cloud Certification

This is a job role-based career certification. The CCNA Cloud certification syllabus qualifies cloud engineers, cloud administrators, and network engineers. This certification qualifies you to work in SMB cloud environment to support a senior cloud engineer. The job duties of CCNA Cloud Certified engineer comprises entry-level provisioning and support of Cisco Cloud solutions.

To become a CCNA Cloud, applicants need to pass two exams:

1) 210-451: Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals (CLDFND)
2) 210-455: Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration (CLDADM)

Topics covered in CCNA Cloud Syllabus:

  1. Cloud Deployments
  2. Cloud Characteristics and Models
  3. Providing End-User Support
  4. Chargeback and Billing Reports
  5. Cloud Provisioning
  6. Basic Knowledge of Cloud Compute
  7. Basic Knowledge of Cloud Networking
  8. Cloud Infrastructure Administration and Reporting
  9. Cloud Systems Management and Monitoring
  10. Cloud Remediation
CCNA Cloud Certification is the most popular certification in the IT industry where every CCNA certified professional would choose the career as Network Administrator as an initial step.

What are the skills required for CCNA Cloud Certification?

  • One should know the different network topologies to retain a secure IT network.
  • Knowledge of how a computer network works and interacts with network devices.
  • Configure the inter-switch communications.
  • Implement IP addressing for specific network requirements.
  • Perform specific tasks to administrate the wireless local area network.
  • Support Network Address Translation and others in branch office networks.

How Beneficial is CCNA Cloud Certification?

  • Cisco Cloud fundamental is intended for storage, computing, and networking to identify the cloud components and understand the fundamental infrastructure. CCNA Certification is the best option for everyone looking for routing and switching their career.
  • The high-level cloud certification in CCNA is a combination of both software and hardware networking service to seize huge customers. This high-level certification will include certificates like CCNA Data Center, CCNA Security, CCNA Service provider, CCNA Video, CCNA Wireless, etc. The certifications in CCNA are split into Associate level, Professional Level, and CCIT the expert level.
  • If you are practically skilled that is needed for CCNA Cloud professional, then there are more job opportunities waiting for you as the market for CCNA is tremendous everywhere.

Tips to get CCNA Cloud Certification

  • A person who is aspiring to achieve CCNA certification should have knowledge both in theory and practical aspects to pass the exam. One should have absolute expertise in troubleshooting and networking issues.
  • One should study from the right study material like latest editions of Cisco's books. Perform all the practice questions and lab exercises.
  • Give as many practice tests as possible before the actual CCNA Cloud exam dates are scheduled. Determine the topic you require to work more and improve.
  • Once you finish the CCNA Cloud certification, you can market yourself as a networking expert for global recognition as doors will not open for anyone for a bright, successful career. You always need to work hard to achieve the desired position.
Cisco’s CCNA Cloud certification is a precious tool for catching up the pace of change. The CCNA certification points out to current and future employers that you are a representative of that change, innovative, specializing in modern, cost-saving technology.

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