Thursday, 26 December 2019

Do the Impossible: Deliver the Best Collaboration Experience and Secure Sensitive Data with Cisco’s Extended Secur …

Security is Paramount, and Cisco Webex is the Market Leader

Security is critical for any collaboration deployment because employees inevitably share sensitive data and intellectual property. Building out security is hard as it’s not a standalone feature that can be built in isolation. It is a platform-level capability that needs to be designed for every component and every feature support must comply with it to be effective.

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Cisco has security in its DNA from the network to devices to the cloud. Cisco Webex was architected with a 360 approach to security. We looked at the full attack surface and possible threat vectors to build controls and mitigations while providing the best user experience, and enabling users to securely collaborate with users outside of their companies and support their personal devices.

Customer Challenges

Users are increasingly using collaboration tools to do their job – and it often involves sensitive data – whether it’s intellectual property, personally identifying information or financial information. Line of business executives and IT administrators are concerned about data loss especially when their users are collaborating externally. As an open platform, Webex has an events API and one of the largest compliance and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) partner ecosystems in the industry to address these concerns.

However, many of our customers do not have a central DLP solution deployed and this stalls rollout of modern collaboration tools. Even if some customers deploy these tools, IT admins end up blocking collaboration with external users and use of personal devices in order to mitigate these data loss risks.

Not only does this impact employee adoption of these tools, it increases data loss and malware exposure as users start using non-sanctioned consumer collaboration apps to get the job done.

Extended Security Pack Solution

I am thrilled to announce a new Collaboration Flex add-on offer – the Cisco Webex Control Hub Extended Security Pack – a Cisco-on-Cisco best of breed solution to this customer problem that packages full functionality Cisco Cloudlock for Webex Teams with native Webex anti-malware capabilities powered by Cisco Talos ClamAV in Webex Cloud.

The new Extended Security Pack is available now and enables our customers to safely and securely rollout modern collaboration with best user experience.

Cisco Study Materials, Cisco Guides, Cisco Learning, Cisco Tutorial and Materials, Cisco Prep

Cloudlock DLP policies follow your employees even when they collaborate with external users. And our anti-malware solution will block infected files from being downloaded and malicious URLs will not be expanded and clearly marked for end-users.

Peace of Mind Through Industry Leading Webex Teams Security

We firmly believe that every customer is different and there is “no one size fits all” security model, and therefore IT Admins can choose Webex Control Hub policies to match Webex security to their risk profile. We are announcing new controls to manage 3rd party integrations like JIRA, Box, and Smartsheet into Webex. The ability to manage bots and whitelist external domains for collaboration will be available in October. In addition, Control Hub now supports active directory groups for automatic license assignment based on your geography, role or other criteria.

We are very excited to partner with ThetaLake to support AI-based archiving, eDiscovery, and supervision for Webex Meetings recordings with automated detection of compliance risks in audio and visual content, including screenshares.

The new Control Hub search and extraction tool is available now and will support large lawsuits and investigations by allowing hundreds of users in one query. In addition, a simple EML export mechanism will allow faster integration into eDiscovery tools and quick viewing of extracted content for internal investigations.

Trust and Protection You Can Count on 

Webex has tight controls on privacy and personal identifiable information and supports various cross-border frameworks and is GDPR compliant. ISO 27018 is the first certification to focus on privacy and PII controls and Webex Meetings and Teams have passed the ISO27018 audit.

Webex is adding new built-in mobile application management (MAM) capabilities to set up a timeout for Teams mobile client with application PIN lock and an ability to block notifications with message content on lock screen. In addition, we are proud to announce a common mechanism for customers to wrap all Webex mobiles apps (Meetings, Teams and Jabber) using their favorite MAM SDK starting October 2019.

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