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Opportunities For Lifelong Learning with CCDP 300-320 ARCH Certification Exam

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Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP) 300-320 ARCH Certification

Cisco Designing Network Service Architectures (ARCH) exam 300-320 is an assessment exam associated with the Cisco Certified Design Professional certification. CCDP certification exam tests a candidate's knowledge of the latest development in network design and technologies, including L2 and L3 infrastructures for the enterprise, WAN technologies, data center integration, network security, and network services.

CCDP (ARCH) exam can verify a candidate's knowledge of the latest and rapid development in network design and technologies, including L2 and L3 infrastructures for the enterprise, WAN technologies, data center integration, network security, and network service. The 300-320 exam will give you the professional pieces of knowledge. If you are mastery of the expert knowledge, you will take up the networking jobs.

Most Popular Jobs For CCDP Certified:

  • Network Engineer
  • Sr. Network Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Architect
  • Information Technology (IT) Manager
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
It goes without question that the Cisco certifications are among the in-demand Certification across the world. The best thing about Cisco certifications is that they are available across all levels of expertise. Whether you are at the entry-level or an expert in your field, there is always something for everyone from this certification provider. If you ever thought of attaining the highly covetable CCDP certification, then you have an anthill task ahead of you.

To gain CCDP Certification, you need to pass three exams 300-101, 300-115, and 300-320. But should you worry if that's the case? Absolutely not because this guide highlights all the key aspects of the Cisco 300-320 ARCH exam, the third one you need to pass to attain your CCDP Certification of the professional level.

Cisco 300-320 (ARCH) Exam Description:

  • Exam Name: Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures
  • Exam Number: 300-320 ARCH
  • Exam Price: USD 300
  • Duration: 75 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 60-70
  • Passing Score: Variable (750-850 / 1000 Approx.)
The Cisco 300-320 exam Syllabus includes Several concepts, with each having a specific weight in the test. These topics cover advanced addressing and routing solutions for enterprise networks (22%), advanced enterprise campus networks (22%), WANs for enterprise networks (17%), enterprise data center integration (17%), security services (13%) and network services (11%).

Recommended Training:

Cisco recommends a few paths that you need to take to enhance your chances of success in the CCDP exam.

These include:

Preparation Options:

You might have heard a lot about the Cisco 300-320 exam, but one thing remains, proper preparation is the key to success in this exam. Fortunately, multiple resources are readily available online to aid in your exam preparation. The Cisco official website in itself is the ultimate source for this.

Practice Makes You Perfect:

Everyone says practice makes perfect, and who knows, maybe that is all you may need before taking your 300-320 exam. If you are willing to tread this path, then you can practice your skills for this exam using the Cisco hands-on lab environments.

The first in this category is the Cisco Virtual Internet Routing Lab Personal Edition (VIRL PE). Then comes the Cisco Modelling Labs, which can be instrumental in your certification journey by equipping you with the vital hands-on skills related to this exam.

Some Basic Tips:

The highly volatile IT industry has made it necessary for hiring managers to employ individuals with relevant certifications in the related field. This means that your understanding of the area and experience are not enough to help you secure your dream job. Passing the 300-320 exam is not as hard as they have made you believe. Use these tips to pass the CCDP exam at your first attempt and propel your career to the top where the competition is quite favorable.

Pace yourself

This is important! Always keep track of how much time you have and try to use your time wisely. You can always go back to check or improve your answers later!

Surround Yourself with Brilliant People

Not only are you more likely to be perceived as educated and knowledgeable, but you are also more likely to become more creative due to the possibility that you will have more intellectual discussions and be more challenged.

Being around skilled individuals will help increase your intellectual stimulation, help further your knowledge base, and help improve your education.

Write Practice Essays

With practice, it becomes easier to` write under the time constraints imposed by the AP test. It is also necessary to get a good sense of your pacing. You don't want to go on so long on a particular subject that you can not finish. Get an understanding of your limitations so that you know when to wrap things up on your exam.

Familiarize yourself with how many records you are expected to discuss and stick to that number.

Get Yourself Certified

Enroll in an online teaching certification program. Although all tutoring agencies do not specify for teacher certifications, it is better to hold one to prove your competency in a subject. Many universities offer online teacher certification programs, specifically designed to guide teachers through the latest technological tools and online teaching practices.

The Benefits of Achieving CCDP Certification

  • Around the world, several enterprises and businesses are extensively making use of Cisco products, such as Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures solutions. 
  • Therefore, Cisco Certified professionals are in high demand today. If you possess sound knowledge and proven technical skills in Cisco and related fields, you should go for CCDP Certification to enhance your job profile and advance your career prospects to great heights. 
  • There are three major job roles related to Cisco 300-320 certification.
  • The role of a CCDP Administrator is crucial in any organization. 
  • Some of the distinguishing features expected of a Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures include good communication, excellent technical knowledge, and proven expertise in the real world scenario in addition to a thorough understanding of 300-320 theory and a sound working knowledge with experience in the Cisco technologies.
  • 300-320 exam is CCDP certification exclusively designed to endorse the foundation skills needed for both Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures administration and application development. 
  • The principal objective of CCDP certification is to measure a professional's ability to do his job as a team member with either administrators or application developers. 
  • Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures certification is considered as the first step towards getting the more advanced Cisco certification.

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