Monday, 18 May 2020

Intelligent Data Center Operations from Anywhere

The current business climate has forced all of us to adapt to new routines and new business processes. Never have the demands for data services been higher, nor has security for these services been more critical. These changes have placed a significant burden on data center operators who may be currently working from home.

If you are one of these data center operators and you are responsible for remotely supporting computing infrastructure, you may be leveraging a VPN connection to access data center-based tools to help you manage your compute devices. This can be effective, but there is a more modern, secure, and efficient way that’s also securely accessible from anywhere in the world.

Meet Cisco Intersight:

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Cisco Intersight is a SaaS-based, intelligent operations platform that enables monitoring, deployment, compliance, telemetry, and more for your data center infrastructure. With its highly secure, device-to-service connections otherwise known as Device Connectors, Intersight can extend its reach to review and/or manipulate even the lowest-level components in your computing infrastructure. For instance, Intersight can intelligently:

◉ Configure or reconfigure server or HyperFlex clusters in their entirety; from the lowest level component, to installing an operating system

◉ Define policies and standards for consistent device configuration

◉ Update device firmware

◉ Compare server, firmware, OS, and driver versions to validate compliance with the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)

◉ Display device-specific health, alarms, and detailed hardware inventory

◉ Integrate with Cisco’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) to display contract status, streamline support case activity and analysis, and automatically initiate failed hardware Return Material Authorizations (RMAs)

◉ Analyze storage capacity and predict storage consumption

◉ Display inventory and metrics via customizable dashboard interfaces and widgets

◉ Provision Cisco Validated Designs and Solutions, such as HyperFlex SD-WAN

◉ Connect from the Intersight Portal, through a secure tunnel, to KVM interfaces

◉ Orchestrate and Automate infrastructure workflows

◉ Integrate with 3rd party solutions such as Pure Storage and VMware vCenter

◉ Reveal exactly how security vulnerabilities and advisories are affecting specific components in your infrastructure and how you can remediate

◉ Integrate and provide more fidelity to your ServiceNow ITSM platform

◉ And more…

Cisco Prep, Cisco Tutorial and Material, Cisco Learning, Cisco Certification

Intersight leverages a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) Model, so new functionality and capabilities are consistently being added.

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