Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Stay Flexible and Prepared with Virtual Education by Webex

There is so much more to the world than the four walls of our classrooms. Distance learning is expanding the world for students, teachers, and administrators. More educational institutions of all types and sizes around the world are turning to Cisco Webex as their remote learning tool of choice. 

Virtual classroom doors never close, ensuring the continuity of our education systems. Whether your institution needs to serve summer school classes or wants to ensure a smooth and prepared entry into virtual education next school year, Cisco Customer Experience (CX) team is here for you.

Keep Your Students Safe and Secure

You want to make sure your remote learning platform is an enabler, not a vulnerability. Built by the pioneer in video conferencing and industry leaders in cyber security, Webex is structured on various security frameworks, including end-to-end encryption. Always-on security runs unobtrusively in the background to keep all Webex participants safe and sensitive data secure. Let us help make sure you are satisfying the most stringent remote and distance learning security requirements

Cisco CX QuickStart Implementation Services 

Education can’t wait. The CX team can facilitate the rapid and secure deployment of your remote and distance learning environment. So, you can go about your core business of providing education to students, even if it is via an alternate means.

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Users can leverage free on-demand self-help resources to get started, including recorded training sessions, quick–start guides, tips and tricks, and IT can attend Business Continuity Ask the Expert (ATX) webinars, including a special “Enabling Virtual Education” session.

But you don’t have to go it alone. We recognize that educational IT teams are under a new level of pressure to serve their communities, students, faculty, and staff, and may not have the network infrastructure in place or be familiar with Webex solutions and tools. Our CX team offers multiple levels of QuickStart Implementation Services for smooth, simplified, and rapid deployment. 

We’ll help IT with these essential services:

1. Efficiently onboard students, faculty, and staff to a remote learning experience.  We will introduce you to the administrative portal for user provisioning, which allows you to efficiently control adding, updating, and deactivating users. Avoid the security vulnerabilities born of executing changes manually for recurring school enrollment and staffing fluctuations.

2. Seamless integration with your single sign-on (SSO) system to the Cisco cloud. This will allow users to easily authenticate with their institutional credentials (username and password), while reducing calls to your helpdesk.

3. Focused hands-on training for your staff and students. Cisco will show teachers how to successfully get started, so your team can focus on other critical IT issues.

Cisco Tutorial and Material, Cisco Guides, Cisco Certification, Cisco Exam Prep, Cisco Webex

For schools and learning institutions who want to use Webex for administrative collaboration, such as holding faculty meetings remotely, we can help with integrating your business systems such as: 

1. Hands-on help with integrating Microsoft Active Directory to the Cisco cloud. Meeting organizers can then easily look up staff from the school directory for scheduling administrative meetings.  

2. Expert assistance integrating your local calendar to the Cisco cloud. This will help your faculty and staff avoid calendar conflicts between virtual school meetings and regular activities. 

3. Leverage Cisco guidance and expertise to help with testing and overcome any technological challenges that emerge in the first two weeks after going into production, making the transition as seamless as possible.

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