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Cisco 300-820 CLCEI Exam: A Detailed Exam Preparation Guide

CCNP Collaboration is a job-oriented certification designed to enhance your knowledge and skill to provide ‘Business values.’ For any IT networking organization, business success with the invention is a must, and CCNP Collaboration equips you with this skill to increase the effectiveness of your organization’s collaboration. To achieve CCNP Collaboration certification, you need to pass two exams: one core collaboration technologies exam and one collaboration concentration exam of your preference, so you can personalize your certification to your technical area of concentration. This article will shed light on the concentration exam – Implementing Cisco Collaboration Cloud and Edge Solutions: 300-820 CLCEI.

The Implementing Cisco Collaboration Cloud and Edge Solutions 300-820 CLCEI exam measure your understanding of collaboration cloud and edge solutions. Cisco 300-820 exam helps you attain the knowledge and skills to utilize the tools and systems developed to promote team-based collaboration, whether in-office or distant. Furthermore, it improves your employability and makes your career shine.

Tips to Prepare for CCNP Collaboration 300-820 CLCEI Exam

Preparation before taking the exam is vital, as it directly affects your exam score. Here are a few tips for you to pass your Cisco 300-820 CLCEI exam:

1. Make a Study Plan

The first action that any successful person would take before moving ahead with exam preparation is making a study plan. Similarly, you must chart out a study plan to help you get a fair idea about the topics you need to learn and the time you require to master them.

While creating your study plan, first consider the goal and steps you need to achieve it. Next, you need to find out which time you can commit for Cisco 300-820 exam preparation. Then you can assign time slots for each topic you have to master.

2. Understand the Cisco 300-820 CLCEI Exam Objectives

Many people overlook this as it may appear like a very useless job, but it will have a huge impact on the productivity of your preparation. By knowing the Cisco 300-820 objectives, you will get an overview of what you require to learn and concentrate on more. That will help you utilize your time to work on weak topics rather than assigning more time to topics you are already familiar with.

3. Refer to the official Cisco Preparation options

Cisco provides recommended training, a study guide, a practice test, online community entry, and books to prepare for CCNP Collaboration 300-820 CLCEI exam. These can be considered the most reliable web resource because they have been designed for exam-takers by Cisco itself.

4. Acquire Third-Party Resources

Learning from Cisco study materials might not be sufficient. You need to acquire extra knowledge and take advantage of other means of preparation to help you master topics of the Cisco CLCEI exam in a much simpler way for you to understand. You can watch relevant videos on Youtube and participate in online forums dedicated to the Cisco 300-820 CLCEI exam.

5. Use Cisco 300-820 CLCEI Practice Test

Practice tests are of great benefit when it comes to Cisco exam preparation, and provides the most reliable practice tests. This practice exam plays a vital role in helping candidates become familiar with the Cisco 300-820 exam structure. Moreover, every time you attempt the Cisco 300-820 practice test, you can get your results right away. This can help you find your strong sides as well as your weaknesses. Once you have determined your weak areas, you can begin working on them and enhance your chances of obtaining a better score.

6. Join study groups

There are lots of communities you can find online that can help you pass the Cisco 300-820 exam. You can utilize these forums to interact with other applicants and ask doubts related to the exam. You can share the knowledge you have grasped and also learn from other members’ experiences. Many individuals on these forums have already achieved CCNP Collaboration certification, and speaking to them may be very useful. Most of the forums are well-managed, and searching for the different topics is easy and timely.

Reasons to Pass CCNP Collaboration 300-820 CLCEI Exam

1. You Acquire Vital Skills

Having additional qualities means there’s a necessity to acquire other skills. If you choose to stay with the same capabilities, you become outdated, and your restricted skills may not help you extensively. This can lead to losing your job as the organizations would choose someone who holds the latest skills.

2. You Receive a Cisco Certification

By passing Cisco 300-820 CLCEI exam, along with the core exam 350-801 CLCOR, you will receive CCNP Collaboration certification. This is one of the most sought-after certifications presently. This certificate confirms that you’re skilled in a definite area of technology.

3. It makes you More Indispensable And Dependable

Lack of the latest skills can lead to job loss for anyone who doesn’t hold them. Losing a job can be such a disheartening experience, and you wouldn’t like to go through it. When you pass your Cisco 300-820 CLCEI exam, you’ll still remain valuable in your place of work. Your organizations will still count on you because you provide value even in a more progressive way. The reason is that you’ll have acquired new skills.


Passing the 300-820 CLCEI certification exam is the best way to ensure success in any IT career, irrespective of your professional level. You will be qualified with the latest skills in the IT field, allowing you to be a skilled professional. The tips provided above will help you pass your Cisco 300-820 exam easily. It’s time to thrive in your career!