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How Can You Succeed In Cisco DevNet Professional 350-901 DEVCOR Exam?

The Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification is aimed to prove your skill to create and manage applications built on Cisco platforms. It’s a composite certification meant to fill the growingly narrow gap between software development and networking. As these two worlds became more integral, Cisco understood the significance of certifying professionals adequate for working in both. Cisco 350-901 Developing Applications Using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs (DEVCOR) exam helps you prepare for Cisco DevNet Professional certification and professional-level network automation engineer jobs.

Cisco 350-901 DEVCOR: Exam Details

Understanding the Cisco 350-901 DEVCOR exam details is a vital step before starting your preparations. Let’s discuss the primary exam details and policies. The 350-901 DEVCOR – Developing Applications Using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs exam is a 120-minute exam affiliated with the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification. Moreover, it comprises multiple-choice and multi-response questions. The exam is available in the English language only. This exam costs you $400.

  • Name: Developing Applications using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs
  • Code: DEVCOR 350-901
  • Duration: 120 mins
  • Format: Multiple Choice
  • Fee: $400
  • Language: English


For the Cisco 350-901 DEVCOR exam, you must have one or more years of hands-on experience developing and managing applications and three to five years of experience designing and executing applications.

Studying for Cisco DevNet Professional 350-901 DEVCOR 300-101 Exam

There are several ways to study for Cisco 350-901 certification exam. It comes down to what is most suitable for you. You can choose the self-study method or enroll in an online training course. There are plenty of study materials available online, as well as platforms where you can find these preparation tools. Outlined are ways to get relevant study materials and have good preparation options for Cisco 300-101 certification exam.

  • Self-Study. When self-study, you can obtain study resources by downloading or purchasing them from the Cisco official website. This way, you can do your studies at your timing. There will be no need for you to rush with the study material which takes place in classes. This way is known to be the most suitable for those individuals who have a busy work life.
  • Cisco Learning Network. It involves diverse courses and study resources for the candidates who want to get all details related to the 350-901 DEVCOR exam.
  • Online Free Resources. There are online free learning resources that are available to the Cisco certification exam takers. These tools can be handy, but the students should be very cautious when selecting those they want to take. Amongst the study materials, it is essential to read through some blogs that will enable you to stay up-to-date on contemporary changes and subjects.
  • Practice Tests. To know your knowledge level, take Cisco 350-901 DEVCOR practice test. You can perform practice tests from online websites and take them regularly.
  • Engage in a study group. Such groups can be of huge significance in passing the Cisco DEVCOR exam. Being part of such a study group suggests that more brains are better than one. Working together, you will be strongly positioned to learn quicker and get accuracy in things that lead to confusion because another member in the group might have understood properly. When preparing for the exam by yourself, you might always envision the study material from the same prospect.

Why Should You Take Cisco 350-901 DEVCOR Practice Tests Before the Real Exam?

Altogether practice tests will ensure three benefits:

  • Understanding with exam structure: Familiarity with the exam structure is the most important element to ace the exam without stress.
  • Accuracy and Speed: The key to obtaining a flying score in the exam is accuracy and speed. So, if you attempt the various mock examinations often within a restricted period, you will surely enhance your speed and accuracy.
  • Time Management: To answer approximately 100 questions in 120 minutes is tough. It is important that you understand the value of each minute and how quickly you answer the questions. Practice tests will help you evaluate your time management policies.

Benefits of Cisco DevNet Professional Certification

  • Determine to harness the influence of Cisco technology in your applications and user experiences.
  • Strengthen your career with Cisco by certifying your coveted software and networking automation skills
  • Grow your business with Cisco no matter how technology develops.
  • Be a part of the Cisco ecosystem of innovation and put yourself apart from other networkers and developers.
  • Show that Cisco DevNet certification badge on all your social media profiles.


Cisco 350-901 DEVCOR exam is an actual exam that should be passed if you are involved in expanding it to additional curriculum levels. Hence, you should make sure that you get a good score on the exam. You will certainly obtain a lot of knowledge and opportunities that will help you progress in your profession.