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Cisco 300-810 CLICA Practice Tests- A Smart Way of Preparation

CCNP Collaboration 300-810 CLICA certification is the ladder to getting to the top in your professional life in the IT field. CCNP Collaboration certification program prepares you for today’s professional-level job roles in collaboration technologies.

Why Achieve CCNP collaboration Certification?

Master the Latest Technology

Information technology is a very dynamic field on a global scale. Every day there cutting-edge technology is developed to make day-to-day life easy. Earning the CCNP collaboration certification confirms that you clearly understand the most advanced technology. Moreover, it proves that you can transform your organization’s systems from old to present technology.

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Broaden Networking Opportunities

After receiving Cisco CCNP Collaboration certification, you will have the honor to get access to an exclusive set of certified and expert professionals. This group will help you answer some issues faced in your career. You will also have the chance to share solutions to complex solutions your colleagues meet. Moreover, this group of certified Cisco professionals can guide you on how to strive for the technical knowledge necessary for your career.

Get Promoted at Work Easily

If you need to scale up the career ladder easily and quickly, you require to learn advanced technologies that the world is enclosing. Earning a certificate is proven to update knowledge to satisfy industry requirements. Your organization will promote you to a higher position with a higher pay package because you hold the skills to work in these positions. The average annual salary of CCNP collaboration professionals is about $89,124. You can apply for system administrators and consulting engineers to infrastructure engineers and senior engineers. Thus, certification allows you to advance in the organization.

Cisco 300-810 CLICA Exam Information

The Implementing Cisco Collaboration Applications v1.0 (CLICA 300-810) exam is a 90-minute exam associated with the CCNP Collaboration and Cisco Certified Specialist – Collaboration Applications Implementation certifications. This exam certifies an applicant’s understanding of collaboration applications, including single sign-on, Cisco Unified IM and Presence, Cisco Unity Connection, Cisco Unity Express, and application clients.

How to Prepare for your Cisco 300-810 CLICA Exam?

To pass the 300-810 CLICA exam at the first attempt, you’ll require to concentrate on the details about how you can get ready for the Solutions Architect Associate exam. Some of the points that you must follow are:

1. Visit the Official Certification Page of Cisco 300-810 CLICA Exam

The essential step in preparation for any certification exam is to visit the official webpage. You can find the exam outline on the official website of the Cisco 300-810 CLICA exam. In addition to the exam outline or study guide, you can also find essential information about the exam. Above all, the official certification page keeps you updated with any new modifications in the exam.

2. Obtain Relevant study Resources

There are many study resources available for the Cisco CLICA that you can easily find on the Internet. Ensure that your chosen study resources correspond to the Cisco CCNP Collaboration certification exam. It will assist you in following the proper methodology with its details. It is also suggested that you refer to the most suitable one.

3. Enroll in a Training Course:

Cisco provides a training course, “Implementing Cisco Collaboration Applications (CLICA) v1.0”. This will help you acquire an in-depth understanding of the Cisco 300-810 syllabus topics.

4. Time Management is Crucial

Time management is an essential part of each commitment, work, or task in your life. So to perform well in this exam, carry out your preparations ahead of schedule as expected. Try to work upon your weak areas and dedicate a decent measure of time each day for reliable preparation.

5. Cisco 300-810 CLICA Practice Tests- A Smart Way of Preparation

The practice test expands your understanding and improves your familiarity with the exam syllabus topics. It bolsters your strengths and enables you to identify your shortcomings. If you are well aware of your strength and flaws, you can carry your efforts in the conventional direction. Step through standard practice tests to assess yourself and evaluate your improvements. Practice tests further oblige you to the actual exam environment.

Strategies to Follow on the Day of the Cisco 300-810 CLICA Exam

Pre-exam jitters and stress can conversely impact your exam, which will be a massive blow. If you want to pass this Cisco certification exam in the first go, you must consider these little things:

  • Try to be reasonably calm and composed.
  • Try not to count upon the last-minute preparations, raising the pressure.
  • Rest completely before the exam day.
  • Try not to starve yourself and stay hydrated during the exam.
  • Smartly deal with your time in the exam.
  • When in confusion, use the elimination method.
  • This is a 90 minutes exam, including approximately 55-65 questions. Keep an eye on the watch, and check your answers at the end.


Suppose you’re determined to advance your career and are motivated to follow your dreams. CCNP Collaboration 300-810 CLICA certification will be your ticket to reach your destination. Having Cisco certification will demonstrate that you have the skills required for the job and prove your dedication to your dreams and aspirations.