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Utilizing Practice Tests and Other Resources to Pass Cisco 300-720 SESA Exam

The success of any organization depends on the professionals working together to take their firm to the next level. In the IT industry, working professionals need to know the latest technology. It has become vital for them to upgrade themselves to understand the latest technology to become efficient and productive. Cisco certifications are one of the most coveted career certifications in the IT field. This article focuses on passing the CCNP Security concentration exam 300-720 SESA: Securing Email with Cisco Email Security Appliance.

Cisco 300-720 SESA Exam Details

Cisco 300-720 SESA is a 90-minute duration exam that comprises around 55-65 questions and is currently available in English. The exam in question measures your skills in five key areas, with each concept accounting for a specific percentage of the actual exam.

Cisco 300-720 SESA Exam Objectives

  • Cisco Email Security Appliance Administration (15%)
  • Spam Control with Talos SenderBase and Antispam (15%)
  • Content and Message filters (20%)         
  • LDAP and SMTP Sessions (15%)
  • Email Authentication and Encryption (20%)
  • System Quarantines and Delivery Methods (15%)

7 Proven Preparation Tips for Passing Cisco 300-720 SESA Exam

1. Obtain Study guides and Books for Cisco 300-720 SESA Exam

Books are the ideal resource for passing your CCNP Security 300-720 exam. It incorporates a lot of topics with thorough explanations and even further details. The key to passing this Cisco exam is obtaining the best book to master all exam objectives. Many study guides can be useful, but those that can guarantee your success are very few. It is because only a few can deliver quality information. They include the official Cisco Press exam guides, which are constantly updated.

2. Proper Planning and Self-study

Self-study may not always be pleasant or straightforward. You need to make a study plan properly if you have the zeal to pass the exam with a flying score. This will help you concentrate on the most critical factors, and you can study the whole Cisco 300-720 SESA syllabus. The first step is knowing the exam objectives. These objectives are what you need to pass. If you do not learn them thoroughly, then it will be difficult for you to pass your certification exam on the first try. Therefore, after entirely knowing the objective, begin your preparation in a quiet place with complete concentration.

3. Attempt Cisco 300-720 SESA Practice Tests

Practice tests are a must for any Cisco certification exam. It is a Cisco 300-720 SESA practice test that can help you conquer hurdles and acknowledge the gaps in your preparation. Performing Cisco 300-720 practice tests require a clear ambition and undeniable passion, and performing practice test makes you familiar with the real exam environment.

Practice makes you perfect, so take as many Cisco 300-720 SESA practice tests as you can, and you will gradually expand the speed and precision required for the exam. Many platforms provide reliable and updated practice tests, and one of them is

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4. Identify Weak Areas

After taking up Cisco 300-720 practice tests, you must identify the weak topics you score poorly and require further learning. Whenever you do not answer any question right, it merely means that you lack enough knowledge to tackle that question. After that, you must pay attention to the topics or concepts that you find challenging.

5. Participate in Online Communities

You can join online communities and ask your questions to seniors and even IT professionals who have already passed the Cisco 300-720 exam. Remember that your seniors or professionals are very well-versed with the topics you have difficulty getting a mastery of. Therefore, get close to them, and your understanding will be more distinguished.

6. Online Websites

Online websites are packed with learning materials that you can use anytime to study further. You can join online communities to get in touch with like-minded people and learn from other group members’ experiences.

7. Practical Experience

Acquiring practical experience stores things forever in your brain. Networking comprises many hands-on skills that you need to practice to get a clear insight.


Maybe you want to begin Cisco 300-720 SESA exam preparation, but you are thinking about from where to start. You can begin with official study resources and then take up practice tests from