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Practice Tests: Perfect Way to Tackle Cisco 300-915 DEVIOT Exam

Achieving Cisco DevNet Specialist certification indicates you can create and manage applications developed on Cisco platforms. Its path comprises the 350-901 DEVCOR core exam and the concentration exam chosen from the eight exams. These exams are: 300-535, 300-635, 300-735, 300-835, 300-910, 300-915, and 300-920. This post will focus on the 300-915 DEVIOT: Developing Solutions using Cisco IoT and Edge Platforms exam.

Who Should Obtain Cisco 300-915 DEVIOT Certification?

  • Network/Software Engineers intending to master automation and programmability.
  • IoT Designers, Consulting Systems Engineers, Network Engineers, Network Administrators, Sales Engineers, Network Managers, Systems Engineers, and Technical Solutions Architects
  • Those inclined to earn Cisco DevNet Specialist-IoT and Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification.

The Cisco 300-915 DEVIOT Certification by falls into the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional category and Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – IoT certifications. It is one of the Cisco DevNet track’s concentration exams that confirms the applicant’s IoT application development knowledge.

Applicants passing the DEVIOT 300-915 certification exam are expected to have expertise in IoT application development concerning the Cisco IoT edge compute and network architecture, along with Cisco IOx, IoT Data Visualization and Cisco EFM, and security methods.

Cisco 300-915 DEVIOT Exam Overview

Cisco 300-915 DEVIOT exam is available in the English language. The exam comprises approximately 55 to 65 questions that applicants have to finish in 90 minutes. The exam cost is $300. If you are going to opt for this exam, below is a list of topics that you need to learn to pass the exam:

  • Cisco Network IoT Architecture (20%)
  • Compute and Analysis (10%)
  • Cisco IOx IoT Software (20%)
  • Cisco Edge Data IoT Software (15%)
  • Open Source IoT Software (10%)
  • IoT Data Visualization (10%)
  • Security (15%)

7 Tips for Passing the Cisco 300-915 DEVIOT Exam

1. Start in Advance

Studying for Cisco 300-915 DEVIOT exam three months in advance will set you in the right frame of mind. This will also avoid the last-day rush. Starting preparation will also give time for organized learning. You can design your study plan to cover all the exam concepts in detail and have enough time to focus on tough Cisco 300-915 exam topics.

2. Learn from Appropriate Study Materials

There is very less chance of passing the exam if you are learning from incorrect materials. The good news is that there are many websites accessible from which you can get free and paid learning materials for Cisco 300-915 DEVIOT exam. The best platform to get trusted and authentic study material is Cisco’s official website. Cisco offers a training course, study guides, practice tests, and online forums.

3. Use Cisco 300-915 DEVIOT Practice Test

This is the essential step that you should never ignore when you are preparing for the Cisco 300-915 certification exam. Practice Tests play an essential role in assuring that you have all that it requires to sit for the Cisco DEVIOT exam. This is because they are created as per the Cisco 300-915 DEVIOT syllabus topics that the applicants need to be very expert in.

4. Do Revision

Try to recall all you’ve studied. Flashcards, written notes, and other study tools can help you to remember the concepts you’ve studied instantly. Being able to remember the information is a good sign of how well you comprehend the Cisco 300-915 DEVIOT exam concepts.

5. Take Effective Study Breaks

A calm mind and body are a must for adequate preparation and performance. While studying for the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist IoT exam, make sure you take short breaks to give your brain and body a break. Thus, doing exercises or drinking still water, or walking in the fresh air will energize your mind and make your learning process more productive. So, have healthy food, sleep well, and get enough rest throughout your preparation period. Good health carries off better concentration, which eventually aids performance.

How to Utilize Cisco 300-915 DEVIOT Practice Tests in Your Preparation

Find Out What You Need to Focus On

Before devoting your precious time to the Cisco 300-915 exam preparation, taking practice tests gives applicants the opportunity to determine how much they know about the topic. Practice tests can also point out where you do well and where you may require to work.

After obtaining useful information from the score of the practice test, you can chart out a plan to better your exam score.

Cisco 300-915 DEVIOT Simulate Real Exam Environment

When taking Cisco 300-915 DEVIOT practice test, it’s important to mimic the test-day environment. Apart from becoming comfortable and alleviating pre-exam jitters, simulating exam context with practice tests provides exam-takers with a distinct picture of their performance.

Review Your Score After Practice Test

After each practice test, review your score and analyze your mistakes. This will help guide future learning and improve your exam performance. Exam-takers should spend time analyzing each of the questions they overlooked and determining why they answered them wrong. Carry on performing practice tests and revision to develop confidence as you learn from your errors.


In case you are ready to advance your IT career to the next level, pass Cisco 300-915 DEVIOT exam. You can improve the odds of success through smart preparation with official study resources and practice tests. Make your Cisco 300-915 exam a cakewalk by following the simple tips outlined in this article.