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The Complete Guide for CCNP Data Center 300-620 DCACI Certification Exam

Cisco 300-620 DCACI – Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure is one of the concentration exams for the CCNP Data Center certification. The exam confirms the skills of the applicants to deal with the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure, a software-defined network excellent for data centers. After passing the 300-620 DCACI exam, you will also be awarded the Cisco Certified Specialist – Data Center ACI Implementation certification. So, passing this CCNP Data Center certification exam will be a decisive moment in your career.

Read on if you want more details about the 300-620 DCACI exam before starting your certification journey.

Cisco 300-620 DCACI Exam Information

The 300-620 DCACI exam is 90 minutes long and evaluates an applicant’s understanding of Cisco switches in ACI mode. This comprises implementation, configuration, and management. The exam is conducted in the English language, and Cisco 300-620 DCAC exam cost is $300. The topics included in the exam and their individual weightage are as follows:

  • ACI Fabric Infrastructure (20%)
  • ACI Packet Forwarding (15%)
  • External Network Connectivity (20%)
  • Integrations (15%)
  • ACI Management (20%)
  • ACI Anywhere (10%)

How to Prepare for the Cisco 300-620 DCACI Exam?

Have the Right Study Resources

The study resources are a vital foundation for successful self-preparation. Fortunately, there are many resources you can utilize nowadays, such as study guides, YouTube videos, training courses, and even articles and blogs. Cisco’s official website offers a video training course, namely “Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (DCACI) v1.1,” for the 300-620 DCACI exam. An experienced instructor equips you with the essential information to help you understand the important points of this Cisco certification exam.

Plan Your Exam Preparation

You must study before the three to four months for Cisco 300-620 DCACI exam. Not only will this help you cover the essential material, but you also won’t be so stressed all the time. Make sure you also make a study plan and stick to it strictly. When you schedule your exam, you will typically get a topics list to plan your time consequently.

Take Cisco 300-620 DCACI Practice Test

Practice test is a must for any Cisco exam. The more you perform a practice test, the better you will be able to score in the actual exam. You will also get familiar with the Cisco 300-620 question types. The good news is that many practice test providers are available online, with many of them being free, but nwexam is the best website to take up Cisco practice tests. This website provides time-bound practice tests. Practice tests will enhance your time management skills. You will also get your resuly immediately, so you will be aware of where you are lacking.

Stay In Touch with Professionals

The excellent thing about online is that you can soak up so much from it. There is a large number of professionals who have passed different Cisco exams or are studying for them as seasoned professionals, and they have several resources online. You can get paid as well as free resources on the Internet, depending on your budget and how many basic resources you already have. Make sure you also read reviews from people who have already used or bought them if you plan to take up any training courses online. Many professionals have uploaded videos on YouTube and learning materials.

Stay Hydrate And Relax Throughout Exam Prep and During the Exam

You must work hard to pass the exam with a flying score, but it is also vital that you take a small break and then so you don’t get exhausted. This doesn’t mean you go out and hang out with friends, but it is essential to sleep well, stay hydrated, and eat healthy food. When you feel fresh and energetic, you will be able to do well, too, so you must bear that in mind. You have possibly heard about candidates who do not sleep, study too hard, and score poorly because they are exhausted; that’s why you must rest well.

Benefits of Passing the CCNP Data Center 300-620 DCACI Exam

After passing the 300-620 DCACI exam, you will hold the coveted skills concerning protocols, solutions, and design implementations, allowing you to go for higher-level job profiles. Since Cisco ACI is a versatile and easy-to-use system, it is gradually becoming prevalent, boosting your job opportunities.

Once you crack the Cisco 300-620 DCACI exam, you will have numerous job positions, and a few of them are Data Center Network engineers, Senior Network engineers, and Network Operations managers. As reported by ZipRecruiter.com, the average annual salary that a CCNP Data Center certified professional could earn is $79,760.


You will do amazing if you prepare well for your exam and follow the tips in this blog. It is normal to get stressed and feel anxious, but this feeling wipes out when you study hard, perform excellently in the practice tests, and find yourself improving your result. CCNP Data Center certification will transform your life for the better. You will most likely have great odds of finding jobs, and you will also get a pay hike when you successfully pass it. All the Best!