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How Will CCNA Practice Test Helps In Cisco 200-301 Exam Prep

CCNA certification is the best option if you want to propel your IT and networking career. It equips you with a profound understanding of the networking concepts and the essential head start you need to take your career to the next heights. You can achieve this prevalent certification by passing CCNA 200-301 exam with the help of the CCNA practice test.

About CCNA 200-301 Certification Exam

Candidates need to pass the Cisco 200-301 exam to achieve a CCNA certification. Applicants can take this exam in either English or Japanese. The exam consists of 90-110 questions that need to be answerable in two hours. This Cisco exam will evaluate your knowledge from the following domains:

  • Network Fundamentals (20%)
  • IP Services (10%)
  • IP Connectivity (25%)
  • Network Access (20%)
  • Security Fundamentals (15%)
  • Automation and Programmability (10%)

Resources for Cisco 200-301 Exam Preparation

  • For the Cisco 200-301 exam preparation, you can buy the official study guide. You can purchase the study guide from Cisco Press Store or Amazon.
  • You can also enroll in the training course offered by Cisco itself to get an in-detail understanding of exam concepts.
  • To gauge your learning, don’t forget to take the CCNA practice test.

Proven Tips to Get a Flying Score in the CCNA 200-301 Exam

  • Obtain the Exam Blueprint from the Official website.
  • Schedule your exam and make a study plan. Make a study plan keeping in mind a few points such as
  1. The best time to study is when u have a real urge to study
  2. Time to assign for each CCNA syllabus topic.
  3. Break
  4. Study materials to use
  • Stick to study goals and master all the exam objectives.
  • Make the most out of all the available e-learning sources.
  • Ask for virtual instructor-led training to help you out.

Why It’s Important to Take a CCNA Practice Test?

So why is taking a CCNA practice test before the Cisco 200-301 exam essential? Let’s dive into the four main reasons that make the CCNA practice test imperative for exam prep.

CCNA Practice Test Makes You Confident

Taking a CCNA practice test is equivalent to taking an actual exam, and this will make you more confident during the real exam. You’re more likely to undergo stress on the Cisco 200-301 exam if you are not familiar with the exam environment and structure of the exam. So you should practice as much as possible to increase your odds of getting a good score on the exam.

Makes You Familiar with the CCNA Exam Questions

Finding a good source to perform the CCNA practice test is a huge task. The reliability of the platform matters a lot. So, make sure you attempt practice tests from a trusted website such as nwexam. On this site, you can practice on a large number of questions that will make you familiar with the exam question types and their difficulty level. You have a complete understanding of the structure, which not only helps you to get more familiar with the process but also allows you to better plan your study schedule.

CCNA Practice Test Improves Time Management

Given the duration of the Cisco 200-301 exam, it’s easy to run out of time. The last thing you want to figure out is you’ve answered only a few questions, and the time is about to be over. For the CCNA certification exam, time management is crucial as you have to answer almost 90-110 questions in 120 minutes. Performing CCNA practice tests will help you determine how much time you need to assign to each CCNA 200-301 exam question.

Identify Knowledge Gaps

CCNA practice test is a great way to identify your skills and knowledge gaps – in all aspects, a crucial point. You can identify and strengthen your weaknesses by attempting a CCNA practice test, which will significantly increase your chances of getting a high score in the actual exam.

Retain Information

Analyses reveal that information learned in the process of taking a practice test and reviewing the score will stick with you for a long time. Flashcards and writing notes get you far, and practicing the act of calling definite facts and figures to mind will make it easier to remember such information during the actual Cisco 200-301 exam.


Regardless of how you study for the Cisco 200-301 exam, a practice run or two can help you in multiple ways than you might anticipate. In addition to learning from an official training course and study guide, taking a CCNA practice test is a great way to expand your study strategy and assure the best possible results.