300-735: Unveil the Exam Topics & Exam Questions for Definite Success in the Automating and Programming Cisco Security Solutions Exam

Unveil details about the 300-735 exam topics and questions. Become familiar with the proven practice tests, study guide materials, and sample questions. It will help to make your Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist Security Automation and Programmability certification journey easy.

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Updated 300-735 Questions According to Current Syllabus:

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Cisco 300-735 Exam Summary:-

  • Name of the Exam: Automating and Programming Cisco Security Solutions
  • Exam Code: 300-735 SAUTO
  • Exam Price: $300 USD
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 55-65
  • Passing Score: Variable (750-850 / 1000 Approx.)

Cisco 300-735 Exam Topics:-

1. Network Programmability Foundation- 10%

2. Network Security- 35%

3. Advanced Threat & Endpoint Security- 30%

4. Cloud, Web, and Email Security- 25%

Improve Your Knowledge-Base:

Get access to some of sample 300-735 practice test questions to boost your knowledge base. Preparation is a steady process for some time, and you must always try to keep improving via learning. Access the questions from anywhere and from any device. The easy access to the questions would help you to get better with the 300-735 exam topics. You can solve these questions easily or learn new things from them.

Here Are Some Useful Questions:

01. You are troubleshooting IPSec VPN connectivity between two sites. From the local router, you are able to ping the remote tunnel endpoint. Which of the following steps should you perform next?

(Select the best answer.)

a) Issue the traceroute command to trace the route to the tunnel endpoint.

b) Verify that the IKE policies match on both peers.

c) Verify that the peers successfully authenticate each other.

d) Reboot both devices.

Answer: b

02. What are two advantages of Python virtual environments?

(Choose two.)

a) Virtual environments can move compiled modules between different platforms.

b) Virtual environments permit non-administrative users to install packages.

c) The application code is run in an environment that is destroyed upon exit.

d) Virtual environments allow for stateful high availability.

e) Virtual environments prevent packaging conflicts between multiple Python projects.

Answer: c, e

03. When the URI “/api/fmc_config/v1/domain/e276abec-e0f2-11e3-8169-6d9ed49b625f/policy/accesspolicies” is used to make a POST request, what does “e276abec-e0f2-11e3-8169-6d9ed49b625f” represent?

a) API token

b) domain UUID

c) access policy UUID

d) object UUID

Answer: b 

04. Which URI string is used to create a policy that takes precedence over other applicable policies that are configured on Cisco Stealthwatch?

a) /tenants/{tenantId}/policy/system/host-policy

b) /tenants/{tenantId}/policy/system/role-policy

c) /tenants/{tenantId}/policy/system

d) /tenants/{tenantId}/policy/system/{policyId}

Answer: a

05. What are two benefits of Ansible when managing security platforms?

(Choose two.)

a) End users can be identified and tracked across a network.

b) Network performance issues can be identified and automatically remediated.

c) Policies can be updated on multiple devices concurrently, which reduces outage windows.

d) Anomalous network traffic can be detected and correlated.

e) The time that is needed to deploy a change is reduced, compared to manually applying the change.

Answer: c, e

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