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Is Cisco 300-420 ENSLD Certification Worth It? Spoiler: Yes

As businesses try to simplify their operations and data gathering, the market for IT networking professionals also increases. One of the fastest ways to enter this field and expand your career is by earning appropriate certifications. Cisco is one of the world’s most prestigious providers of networking certifications. This is because of the diverse technologies and solutions that they provide, which, consecutively, require qualified professionals to execute them. Cisco’s most popular high-level certification is the CCNP Enterprise 300-420 ENSLD, which confirms your basic and detailed skills in this area. Read this blog to know more about this badge, its 300-420 ENSLD exam, resources to prepare for it, and the benefits it draws.

Cisco 300-420 ENSLD Exam Structure and Syllabus Topics

If you want to earn the CCNP Enterprise certification, it is essential that you take the Cisco 300-420 ENSLD exam acutely. To pass this exam, you have to work hard, so be prepared for it. You should know all the vital information about this CCNP Enterprise concentration exam, and to start with, the exam comprises 55-65 questions that need to be completed within 90 minutes. The exam-takers are evaluated on the following topics:

  • Advanced addressing as well as routing solutions;
  • Advanced campus networks for enterprise;
  • WAN targeting enterprise networks;
  • Network-based services;
  • Automation.

This exam costs $300 and is available in two languages, English and Japanese. To know more about the exam in detail, visit the official webpage.

Best Resources For Cicso 300-420 ENSLD Exam Preparation

The best resource for Cicso 300-420 exam preparation is the official training course – Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (ENSLD) v1.1. It allows the applicants to master the Cisco 300-420 exam topics.

The time period for the course depends on the platform you prefer to study with. You can prepare for the exam through e-learning and Instructor-led training course.

Additionally, you can also get the training in a formal classroom with the case studies created particularly for you. You can opt for the paid course that will last for five days.

Furthermore, you can also buy study guides from cisco press and Amazon that includes a detailed explanation of exam concepts and practice questions for better exam prep.

Exam-takers should also look for the Cisco 300-420 ENSLD practice tests offered by a reliable and trusted platform.

Is Cisco 300-420 ENSLD Certification Worth It?

Beyond the evidence of knowledge, Cisco 300-420 ENSLD exam is capable of eventually putting you up for excellent career opportunities and benefits. And by all means, these entail a promising job and salary hike in your chosen field.

1. Better Job Prospects

By passing the Cisco 300-420 ENSLD certification exam, you will undoubtedly relish an extended array of job opportunities within the IT world. Certainly, several high-paying job positions will wait for you since you must have been certified as a professional in the multiple facets of enterprise design. To be more definite, passing the Cisco 300-420 ENSLD exam and achieving the related Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Design certification can make you qualified for the following job profiles:

  • Network Security Engineer
  • Network Architect
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Design Engineer
  • Wireless Design Engineer
  • and Network Manager, among others.

2. Higher Salary

The outcome of getting better job opportunities is higher salary prospects. Moreover, as the 300-420 exam falls into the CCNP Enterprise certification track, you will be pleased to know that a Cisco Certified Network Professional, according to ZipRecruiter.com, is competent to make a salary of about $107k per year, most especially on the basis of your level of skills, experience, and other concerning aspects. Simultaneously, as also found via the PayScale website, a company like Amazon Inc. will pay CCNP-certified professionals within the range of $77k – $201k.

3. Paves the Way for Higher-Level Certifications

If you are looking to take your career growth a few steps further, passing the 300-420 ENSLD exam and achieving the concerned Cisco certifications will be an excellent launch pad for you to receive even more. As a Cisco CCNP Enterprise certification holder, you will have a superb background to join expert-level certification pathways, namely the CCIE Enterprise Wireless and the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure.

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On the whole, you must have noted that succeeding in the Cisco 300-420 ENSLD certification exam is a significant way to enjoy plentiful opportunities in your career journey. Either relating to instant benefits or as a matter of future ones, passing the coveted Cisco 300-420 exam and earning its associated certifications will give you an incredible advantage over the many IT professionals in the enterprise design field. This way, you can demonstrate yourself as a skilled professional knowledgable with all the contemporary trends and particulars of the industry, excel in front of the eyes of the present and future employers, and get one step closer to your career goal. Go for it!