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Cisco 700-150 ICS Exam Preparation Guide | Why Practice Tests Are Important

What is Cisco 700-150 ICS Certification all about?

The Cisco 700-150 ICS: Introduction to Cisco Sales is a 90 minutes exam comprising 55 to 65 Multiple Choice Questions. The applicant should comprehend how to sell using Approach, Selling Cisco Cloud Architecture and DC, Selling Enterprise and Digital Network, Selling Security Solutions, Selling Collaboration Solutions, and Cisco Certification. The exam cost is $80. And the exam is available in English and Japanese languages.

Cisco 700-150 ICS Exam Objectives

  • Cisco Certification (10%)
  • Selling Collaboration Solutions (16%)
  • Selling Security Solutions (18%)
  • Selling Cisco’s Enterprise and Digital Network (22%)
  • Selling Cisco’s DC and Cloud Architecture (18%)
  • Cisco’s Approach to Selling (16%)

How to Be Well-Prepared for the Cisco 700-150 ICS Exam?

You should aspire to earn a prestigious certification and be a renowned Cisco Sales Expert. If other professionals can do it, you can reach it by going out of your way and doing what’s required to achieve your preferred job.

If you’ve determined to obtain an Introduction to Cisco Sales certification, here are some tips to help you pass the Cisco 700-150 ICS exam:

1. Visit the Cisco Official Website

Cisco provides vital details of the exam through its official website. On this webpage, you will find further information about the Introduction to Cisco Sales 700-150 ICS study materials that are crucial for your exam preparation. Moreover, it’ll first be published on this page whenever there’s a change in exam syllabus topics or structure.

2. Obtain Appropriate Cisco 700-150 ICS Study Material

It’ll be tough for freshers to come across a better Cisco 700-150 ICS study material. Explore the internet for relevant study resources. But, there are few chances to find appropriate resources for this Cisco exam. So, it’s better to focus on discussion forums and study groups for the time being until you find some compelling Cisco 700-150 study material.

3. Take Recommended Training

To promote your Cisco 700-150 exam preparation, Cisco provides recommended training for this exam. All the links to this recommended training can be directly accessed from the Cisco official webpage.

4. Cisco 700-150 ICS Practice Test

The more practice the exam-takers do, the more it is helpful for them. On the whole, many Cisco 700-150 ICS practice tests are available online. So, the exam-takers can practice Cisco 700-150 exam questions from one of the best websites. Additionally, the applicant will comprehend how the Cisco 700-150 exam questions will be asked in the actual exam. Furthermore, the practice test mimics real-time experience by performing practice tests.

How Can Cisco 700-150 ICS Practice Test Help You Pass Introduction to Cisco Sales (ICS) Exam?

Using Cisco 700-150 ICS practice test in your preparation process is an ideal way to know that you are entirely prepared for the exam and receive a flying score. Practice tests offer insight into the exam structure and type of Cisco 700-150 exam questions, and their core objective is to help you discover the areas you’re strong in and those you’re still to pay attention to.

The thing that plays a crucial role in this process is finding the actual and updated material. For that, we advise you to check the nwexam website.

Here are some benefits of taking practice tests while preparing for the Cisco 700-150 ICS examination.

Get Familiar With the Actual Cisco 700-150 ICS Exam

The 700-150 ICS practice tests are designed to mimic the actual exam experience for the applicants preparing for the Cisco Sales Expert (ICS) exam. This way, applicants who have practiced many practice tests can do well in the exam.

Identify Strong and Weak Areas

The result of the Cisco 700-150 practice test helps applicants know their strong and weak areas—this helps in working on the required areas and improves the test performance in the following practice tests. The best part is that exam-takers can reassess their exam preparation technique and bring the expected changes to this strategy. The ultimate objective is to strike a balance while studying for the favorite and less preferred concepts or topics.

Boost Confidence

Confidence is key to success in a challenging exam like Introduction to Cisco Sales (ICS). Applicants can boost their confidence and take their exam performance to the next level with regular practice of quality practice tests on the nwexam website.


No Cisco 700-150 ICS study materials ensure 100% success in the Introduction to Cisco Sales (ICS) exam unless you’re persistent in doing it. The Cisco exam can be either challenging or easy– you can’t have any command over it. But with the appropriate study materials and practice test from the nwexam website, you may find that it isn’t as difficult as you imagine. Good Luck!!